A Glimpse At Magic Mirror Photo Booth

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The exact type of photo booths you've seen at the mall can be used at trade shows and conventions. But a master marketer should realize that putting a free photo booth on your exhibit space is an excellent way to increase your foot traffic, spark conversation with prospects, and create general warm fuzzy feelings about your brand. Further, if you know what to search for, a photo booth rental can give you a great deal more than that. If you're looking for additional details on magic mirror hire, view the previously mentioned site.

Modern photo booths make the most of technology to spread your brand or message and collect information from prospects. Some will even collect video testimonials about your product. Some photo booths will allow users to email themselves their photos. They simply enter their email address, and the booth sends them an email with your custom message together with the images attached. Booths that do so are capable of keeping the user's email addresses to use for your marketing purposes later. It's the great way to fill your lead list. Since you're giving them something for free, there's no ill will about collecting the email address and using it.

Just make sure you use a professional email service like Constant Contact to permit users to un-subscribe should they prefer. The most advanced booths make it possible for users post their photos to their Facebook accounts directly from the booth. If you're marketing at a trade show, imagine having your message show up in the Facebook news feeds of professionals in your industry. People almost always have colleagues from their same industry within their Facebook friends list.